Ceramics Annual of America 2011


The Ceramics Annual of America (CAA) is a legacy of California's educational role in the history of American ceramics. Ceramic artists, educators and scholars joined to encourage education and promote awareness of the ceramic arts, sharing and sustaining global connections among collectors and makers of ceramics. Ceramics in the 21st century is a lively and dynamic art form with a fascinating history. CAA is an important point of culmination, an American first, as an exhibition and art fair dedicated to ceramics aesthetics, cultural history and community. This book presents selected work from students to teachers, side by side, all shaped by movements and ideas, opportunity and obstacles. Explore the exhibition and discover work that is as varied as the minds that created it. Some work pays homage to the earth with use of clay, raw organic texture and emphasis on mass, volume, and dynamic thrust. In other works, industrial processes have become the tools and techniques for creation; these vary from monumental terracotta made on-site in factories, to porcelain slip-casting of minute, delicate forms.





John Natsoulas Press

Color Plates


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