Frank Ordaz: Landscapes of the American Myth


Frank Ordaz paints iconic landscapes with a cinematic flair. He isn't a realist, however. Even when he paints recognizable landmarks and locations, he reaches for a sense of the mythical that transcends the real. "What I try to get across," he explains, "is that I want to paint landscapes that describe the American myth in terms of our sense of place." Ordaz is attracted to definitive, iconic scenery that he endows with a luminosity that enhances its sense of visual character and transcendent appeal. He paints the visceral memory of places. Committed to the idea that art goes beyond life -- and that it enhances life -- Frank Ordaz believes that the job of the artist is to see potential and possibility. Having been raised in poverty, he is living proof of what such an optimistic, hard-working approach can accomplish. He is an affirmative artist, in love with the world and fully aware of its possibilities.



John Natsoulas Press



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