Lisa Clague

“My work evokes a place between the subconscious and the intangible,” Clague notes. “My masked figures are hybrid creatures, mistresses of ambiguity and disguise, of seduction and deception. These images, like dreams, are familiar but elusive."

Lisa Clague

Esther Shimazu

Esther Shimazu is a Hawaii-based Japanese ceramicist that delights and shocks audiences with her voluptuous sculptures. Her naked, bald, full-bodied figures are playful and cheeky. Two-tailed cats, wild-eyed horses, and dogs of every kind often accompany Shimazu's characters. This 148-page monograph by Tahlia Aghily invites us to catch a glimpse further into this eccentric universe. 120 full-color plates are featured alongside a detailed history of Shimazu's life, art, and the underlying messages in her work.

Gerit Grimm Book

Sculptor Gerit Grimm's fanciful universe is a transfixing mix of beauty, fantasy, and mystery. Inspired by fairytales, mythology, and religion her unique ceramic sculptures engage in the abstract and the classical, resulting in corporeal forms that manage to read as both familiar and avant-garde. Her large scale artworks celebrate the power of organic, figurative imagery while eschewing traditional representation and techniques. Their overwhelming physicality and forceful presence promote a charged relation between sculpture, scale, and viewer. Author: Tahlia Aghily

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